How to get Confidence Quickly


Before I get up to speak or go to an event or even meet a person for the first time, I use this process for gaining confidence quickly.  

There are some prerequisites that we must first acknowledge before we get into gaining confidence. The first is that we are the sum total of the thoughts we think about every minute of every day. If your thoughts are positive then they are supporting you in your endeavors. However, if your thoughts tend to be more negative then you actually are not supporting you.

The second prerequisite is that your thoughts are based on beliefs you have about you. This is why simply stating a positive affirmation or quoting a verse in the bible may not always help you. If the affirmation or scripture is contrary to your belief then it becomes you fighting you. It is the reason many give up on positive affirmations or will say, ‘It doesn’t work.’ I personally found myself doing this.

Therefore, what you can do is say an affirmation that you might agree with by saying it in a way that can empower your belief to change. I use ‘I am open to the possibility’ (then insert whatever you want your affirmation to say). Or ‘This is what I was created for…’ Your beliefs are based on something however you only have them in your life because you get something from them. It is a good idea to investigate why you might want to hold onto them.

How to gain Confidence quickly.

I simply take a deep breath and clear my mind. I remind myself that people need to hear what I have to say. Or people are depending upon me. Then I say this ‘you are a powerful person capable of this.’ Then I do it. Holding onto those negative thoughts will not do me any favors. I still have last second nerves but my anxiety has gone. The thoughts can pile up and therefore it is important to clear the mind.

That is what I do. You may have a different trick or thing you do and if so please share in the comments section.

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