What is the Law of Attraction


What is the Law of Attraction? There are so many books, programs, and speakers communicating on the topic today. But what is it really?

The Law of Attraction was made wildly popular by the book and video The Secret. Simply put, “Like attracts like.” In the United States we have a saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” The Law of Attraction is directly related to what you think about yourself and how you view yourself. We always attract what we are.

In life, there are certain people who we look at and they strike us as a ‘winner.’ It seems that things always work out for them. Or they are able to take lemons of life and make lemonade with ease. Are they really winners? Of course. But that has to do with how they view themselves and from that inner view comes the thoughts they think all day long.

The Law of Attraction has to do with how you view you, because out of that comes the thoughts we think.

Think of it this way, God already thinks you are winner. Now you need to get on the same page.

Do you think a person who is a winner is sitting at home thinking about how life has treated them unfairly? Of course not. They take action and do something. Most importantly they do not waste their thinking on self-defeating thoughts. But again, they have a healthy self-image.

What you experience on this planet is completely up to you. How you spend your time is totally your decision. But ask yourself this question, do I want to spend my time thinking poverty thoughts?

You are a rockstar capable of accomplishing great things. It’s up to you.

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