Why you are not broken


It is a popular thing for people to say that they are broken. However, upon looking at what it means to be broken we can realize the blessing that is in it.

An important element of brokenness to understand is that it is the past and you are now not living there. When we declare we are broken it is an affirmation of judgment upon ourselves that leaves no hope for any change.

God has already made you whole and you only need to step into who you are created to be. Spending your time thinking you are broken will only immobilize you further and prevent you from enjoying the present moment.

The past is the past and needs to stay there. You are here now. Whatever happened back in the past is still back there and it is not your present or future. Unless you desire you past to determine your fate. Whatever you focus on, is what is created more of in your life. You are already whole and do not need to fix something.

You are not broken and in fact you never were, it was just a story that you repeated to yourself until you made it true. The truth is you have always been loved and are whole. You are an awesome created being, meant for more in this life. What will you do today?

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