How to Enjoy Life

There is much talk about mental health today and that is a good thing. When I went through my struggles I realized that I needed to start supporting myself rather than being my own worst enemy. 

Some of the cruelest things that I have ever thought were not directed toward any particular enemy or situation, but rather at myself by myself. One of the things Allen Watts said, was that constantly talking to yourself is not really thinking. It is just chatter or noise.

The statement stopped me and I realized that this whole time I was the one causing myself to be upset or depressed based on the things I told myself that I thought other people thought. Former NFL Quarterback Ryan Leaf, who has struggled with mental health issues said that he reminds himself daily that “Other people’s opinions are none of my business.” I have no right to think for them or to impose a judgment upon myself through them.

It is a daily habit to be positive and support myself. I have made being depressed a way of life for most of my life so it is time to give myself permission to be supported. If you do not support you then no one else will. Support yourself with kind words.

I like this video from Mad TV with Bob Newhart. If you are beating yourself up like I did then like the video, stop it. 

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