How to Stop Scaring Yourself


Anxiety and stress are real, however, the problem is that we are the ones creating it. In essence, when we experience anxiety or stress we are the ones doing it to ourselves. I know this because I’ve lived it.

Have you ever been home alone and you hear a noise? I’ve had this happen numerous times to me. I get up and scour the house looking for signs of a burglar, but what I would really do if I found them? Yell, Boo! I am sure that would not scare them.

We all face pressures in life and sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when comes to our thoughts. Our imagination was designed to help not hurt us. Sometimes we can imagine the worst and when the worst happens it only confirms what we created in our imagination. It is the reason why athletes will spend time before a game envisioning being success in order that when the game happens it is just them repeating what they mentally have rehearsed.

Our imagination is a powerful tool! Would you like to read about the good news? You have one. Therefore, use your imagination each day for positive things to happen in your life. It is not wishing but creating.

How do you do this? Spend some time each day mentally walking through your day. Also, make a vision board of things and people you want in your life. When stress or anxiety arise, stop and take a deep breath. Become aware of what you are doing. Then replace that thought with a positive one.

It’ll take effort but you becoming self-aware will be huge for your life. I realize you might be thinking that all of this is too much work. I get it. I’ve been there. However, what is the alternative? You live your life continually scaring yourself? That is no way to live. Be kind to you.

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