What are you Thankful for?


It is November and also a time to look at our lives and ask what are we most thankful for?

Gratitude is the attitude. It was my former brother-in-law who taught me the value of saying ‘thank you’. However, it was not until later in life that I understood the value of gratitude and what it does to the soul. Gratitude is like a spark for a soul that is troubled.

I have written numerous times about my struggles with mental health and what I have learned is that the more grateful I am the more my problems simply disappear. If you are familiar with the American Holiday of Thanksgiving then you know it is a time to gather with family and friends and to be thankful. However, I’d like to challenge you to each day either to tell, text, or write a note to someone about why you are thankful for them.

If you will do this each day of this month then by the end of it you will notice how your attitude will change for the better. Gratitude is the attitude.

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