How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking


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The National Institute of Mental Health estimates reports that 73% of the population suffers from a fear of public speaking. I will share two tips with you to empower in your public speaking.

Why did I feel like a failure? Was it something I said? I could tell by the reactions in the crowd that Sunday that my message was landing flat. All I wanted to do was to run and hide. However, I had to get through the material. It was the roughest twenty minutes of my life up to that point.

Fear of public speaking is real and is referred to as ‘glossophobia’ by the National Institute of Mental Health. My fear of public speaking literally kept me up at night. My heart would race as if it was going to leap out of my chest. The irony was that I was heading into a career that involved me publically speaking up to three times a week.

Was I prepared? Not at all. It was a learning curve and the struggle was real. However, I did learn how to navigate it and I will share my tips for handling public speaking.

  1. Mental rehearsal. The last time I spoke in a church in front of a crowd of several hundred, I spent the morning of mentally rehearsing how it would go. I even thought of what people’s reactions would be. Guess what? After each service, someone came up to me and said the very thing I had rehearsed.
  2. Know your material. It may sound cliche’, but it is true that if you know the material then that will knock the monster of fear out of commission. Fear will be on life support because you are confident in your material that it cannot throw any doubt your way.

The reason why people fear public speaking is because it enhances our own insecurities about ourselves. We are laid bare in the court of public opinion. However, the real deal is that Other people’s opinions are none of our business. True, they may or may not like what you have to say. They do not go home with you, therefore, their opinion is irrelevant.

When you are comfortable with you and are true to yourself then you have mastered your style of public speaking.

I pulled my data from this website:

They have great content on this topic.

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