How to Handle the Demands of Life

Does your life feel hectic? Do you feel as if you are losing a grip on the things happening? 

Our lives are filled with moments and some of those moments bring us the opportunity to decide how we want to feel in that moment. The feelings of being rushed are ones that many of us find ourselves in from time to time. A hectic life is a life based on fear.

You might fear to be late for work? Therefore, you rush out the door and speed during your commute. You might fear not having enough for retirement. It could be that you fear to be a disappointment to people. Therefore, you bend over backward to please others all the while your own peace vanishes.

How do we handle the chaos that seemingly surrounds us? Simply by taking a moment to pause. Stop. I am not writing that you pull your car over during your commute, however, if you can then great. What tends to happen with busyness is that it is a cycle that is easy to get into and once in it we feel the need to rush to catch up to wherever it is we feel we should be.

All of this is a fear mindset that causes us to react rather than to respond. We now feel the need to attempt to do more in order to accomplish the task or handle what we feel is a missed assignment. However, ask yourself this, what would you be like if you nothing at that moment? Rather than reacting to the stress or fear, do nothing in response. Actually, just pause.

You can pray, but before you even do that. Breath. Take a deep breath and focus your thinking on the breath. This will help you to clear your head. Once you clear your head you can reenter the moment.

Pausing is the key to handling a hectic schedule and life. No matter how busy you might get you always have time to breathe. Take some time now to do that. After pausing, you are able to come back into the moment refreshed and with a newer perspective.

Pausing allows your mind to step back from the moment in order to gain perspective and perspective is wisdom.

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