Hi my name is Dan Robb and welcome to my site. I am the author Philippians 4:8 Game Plan, motivational speaker, and a Student Pastor at Hill Country Bible Church. I earned a Master of Divinity and have been in Student Ministry for twenty years. I am a Hoosier living in the Republic of Texas and loving every minute of it. I enjoy watching Netflix, working out, eating sushi (Texas actually has good sushi) and anything Michigan State.

I am a freelance writer and contributor under the name Stephen Robb at http://www.spartanavenue.com as well as to other blogs.

January 2016 I had a spiritual awakening in my life and realized that I needed to own my thoughts, actions, and habits. By doing this I would then own my life and that is when I began living. In this blog I will share my experiences in life, and insights into ministry in order to help people where they are.  I’ll also be sharing thoughts from my journey as I hope to be of a service to you and a blessing.

I am available to speak at churches, camps, businesses, and conferences.  Contact me through my website or at dan@danrobbwrites.com I look to forward to meeting you.