How to Think Differently


Our thoughts become things. Therefore, it is important what we allow ourselves to think about us, others, certainly the way we see the world.

I’ve shared before how for most of my life, even well into adulthood I have struggled with how I thought. I knew how to blame others as well as to play the victim. However, I was not a victim it was just a role I choose to play in the theater of my life. The world was not as I saw it, but rather how I decided to interpret it.

How does one begin to think differently? Is it just thinking positively? Well yes and no. Thinking positive thoughts is a start in the right direction. It is more about positive being and positive envisioning. By positive being, I simply mean that it includes positive thoughts as well as a positive attitude no matter. I decided I would interpret my environment positively rather than ‘going there.’

‘Going there’ was my code for the negative, doubt-filled story I told myself. I liked to ‘go there’ because I got something out of it. However, it never helped and perpetuated the lie about me. Positive being means to guard your thoughts and not allow yourself to ‘go there.’ Love who you are and respect the decisions that you made.

The conversation you have with yourself is the most important one can have every day. Martin Luther once said about thoughts that you cannot stop the birds from flying over your head, but you can stop them from building a nest. Negative thoughts will pop in there from time to time, but you do not have to allow them to build a nest and bring you down.

You got this!

How to Enjoy Life

There is much talk about mental health today and that is a good thing. When I went through my struggles I realized that I needed to start supporting myself rather than being my own worst enemy. 

Some of the cruelest things that I have ever thought were not directed toward any particular enemy or situation, but rather at myself by myself. One of the things Allen Watts said, was that constantly talking to yourself is not really thinking. It is just chatter or noise.

The statement stopped me and I realized that this whole time I was the one causing myself to be upset or depressed based on the things I told myself that I thought other people thought. Former NFL Quarterback Ryan Leaf, who has struggled with mental health issues said that he reminds himself daily that “Other people’s opinions are none of my business.” I have no right to think for them or to impose a judgment upon myself through them.

It is a daily habit to be positive and support myself. I have made being depressed a way of life for most of my life so it is time to give myself permission to be supported. If you do not support you then no one else will. Support yourself with kind words.

I like this video from Mad TV with Bob Newhart. If you are beating yourself up like I did then like the video, stop it. 

How to Go with the Flow


Have you ever had a bad day? I’ll share a tip how you can avoid having any more bad days. 

I admit it. I have had my fair share of bad days. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. However, what does that phrase even mean and how can a side of the bed be wrong? Or rather does starting our day have anything to do with what we tell ourselves the night before? I believe it does.

Usually when we have a bad day it is because we are worried about something in future or depressed about something in the past. We go to bed thinking about this and then our subconscious mind thinks about it all night so when we get up we have been cooking for a while with these bad thoughts. Hence bad thoughts will only produce a bad next day.

Allen Watts said, “When you swim you don’t grab a hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax and float…” 

Relax. Whatever it is that is worrying you, understand that God has already figured it out. Therefore, stop trying to grab the water. You cannot anyways. Instead go with the flow and allow it to be whatever it may. A bad day is just a label we ascribe.

Have a great day!

Why you are not broken


It is a popular thing for people to say that they are broken. However, upon looking at what it means to be broken we can realize the blessing that is in it.

An important element of brokenness to understand is that it is the past and you are now not living there. When we declare we are broken it is an affirmation of judgment upon ourselves that leaves no hope for any change.

God has already made you whole and you only need to step into who you are created to be. Spending your time thinking you are broken will only immobilize you further and prevent you from enjoying the present moment.

The past is the past and needs to stay there. You are here now. Whatever happened back in the past is still back there and it is not your present or future. Unless you desire you past to determine your fate. Whatever you focus on, is what is created more of in your life. You are already whole and do not need to fix something.

You are not broken and in fact you never were, it was just a story that you repeated to yourself until you made it true. The truth is you have always been loved and are whole. You are an awesome created being, meant for more in this life. What will you do today?

Balancing Ownership in Life




We live in a world of blame and scapegoating. We want people to ‘own’ there stuff. However, a person who owns it does not deserve to be blamed either. 

I used to be that type of person who was great at pointing the finger at others. It was never my fault. I had a bunch of excuses for everything that did not work out. However, it took me losing my job and almost eventually losing my wife that made me wake up.

When I understood that my thoughts create my world then my attitude toward my situations changed. I began to take ownership for my life, feelings, and thoughts. My marriage improved and my career got on track. However, as I went through this idea of ‘owning it’ I realized I needed to balance some things out in my life.

Ownership does not mean you neglect your feelings or stuff them. It actually means to acknowledge them and then move on. The moving on part is key, because when we dwell too long in them it can lead to complaining. When I complain I lose energy, when I move on and work on it I gain energy. Complaining is like a vampire, it sucks and it sucks your energy.

Get your feelings out, but resist the need to blame a person or situation. Often the answer for why you are upset lies in your past. Your past lends the context, but you are not your past.

A healthy perspective would be for all to realize we all have a hand in the cookie jar. It is never just only one person’s fault. It is not okay for us to blindly point fingers and scapegoat an individual or to demonize a person. When we all ‘own it’ the world tends to be a better place for all of us.

For example, when an employee messes, yes it is their fault, but it is also the supervisor’s responsibility. When we all ‘own it’ instead of blame it is a healthier place to be in.

Another example, when your child gets in trouble at school try to look beyond the problem and into the why. Ask yourself, why did they feel the need to do the thing? What are they saying? Is it the child’s fault for getting into trouble? Yes. But understanding the why helps you solve the real issue.

When we seek to understand the reason why a person acted a certain way then we realize the context. It does not mean the person gets a pass, but does however aid us in resolving it.

What is the Law of Attraction


What is the Law of Attraction? There are so many books, programs, and speakers communicating on the topic today. But what is it really?

The Law of Attraction was made wildly popular by the book and video The Secret. Simply put, “Like attracts like.” In the United States we have a saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” The Law of Attraction is directly related to what you think about yourself and how you view yourself. We always attract what we are.

In life, there are certain people who we look at and they strike us as a ‘winner.’ It seems that things always work out for them. Or they are able to take lemons of life and make lemonade with ease. Are they really winners? Of course. But that has to do with how they view themselves and from that inner view comes the thoughts they think all day long.

The Law of Attraction has to do with how you view you, because out of that comes the thoughts we think.

Think of it this way, God already thinks you are winner. Now you need to get on the same page.

Do you think a person who is a winner is sitting at home thinking about how life has treated them unfairly? Of course not. They take action and do something. Most importantly they do not waste their thinking on self-defeating thoughts. But again, they have a healthy self-image.

What you experience on this planet is completely up to you. How you spend your time is totally your decision. But ask yourself this question, do I want to spend my time thinking poverty thoughts?

You are a rockstar capable of accomplishing great things. It’s up to you.

How to Overcome Obstacles


Have you ever experienced difficulty in achieving a goal or dream? An unforeseen obstacle blocked your path and the journey become too much for you.

You may have been on the right path. There is a truth in life called the Law of Opposites and it states that before you see whatever it is that you want, you’ll see the exact opposite. If you desire more friends then you’ll experience what it is like to have no friends. If you want a job then you’ll experience what it is like to be without a job. If you want to be married then you’ll experience what singleness is like.

On the road to finding whatever it is we are looking for we will experience the exact opposite. It is up to us to take note that this is a cue from life indicating that we are in fact on the right track. If you will, the obstacle is the way as Ryan Holiday has said. However, many people take the obstacle as a sign that they need to give up. Or that it is too hard to be done.

The secret truth about goals is that in order to accomplish them we have to become the type of person who is able to achieve that particular goal. For example, the person who is a Doctor is an individual who will have to learn about dedication and discipline to their studies in order to accomplish it. The journey of the goal will change the individual and they will add skills along the way. They will face opposition along the way. The opposition will be different for each person.

However, the opposition is only there to help make you into that the person that achieves  that goal. If it was easy then you might not be able to learn anything about your self. In essence, it is about the journey not the goal.

If you are experiencing obstacles in your life right now then take heart that you are on the right path. Keep going forward in faith that you will be able to achieve it. The mere fact you have a desire to do it means that it is already a possibility.